The interesting aspect of art photography compared to say commercial photography or photojournalism is being allowed to go beyond editing to improve the quality of the shot. Art photography is using photography to give life to a vision in the artist’s mind. The motivation for art is the desire to express an idea, tell a story, or convey an emotion. Art doesn’t have to be anchored in reality nor be an exact representation of it. The artistic license is what drew me to the field.

Like all artists, I think outside the box.With art photography, I have complete creative freedom. My love for design and color and structure, the way shapes and patterns come together has always been a passion. And with the help of a few editing apps, I can transform the ordinary and create art. No longer am I bound by the constraint of realism. With creative filter apps, I am like a kid with a box of crayons, the only limit is my imagination. I can turn the sky red if I so wish.

But creating art photography is more than applying special effects or adding filters to a picture. The manipulation is done with a purpose. I use those tools to shape the subject into the concept I have imagined in my mind. Changing the lights, the colors, the exposure, the iso or the focus of a picture is how I transform the picture into what my artistic mind saw. Editing is in a way a translation of reality to art. It allows me to show you the subject through my eyes.


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