Driving around (ok, being driven around, safely first, right?) backroads I come across little gems like these. I am particularly attracted to dilapidated buildings. There are plenty of abandoned homes around Tennessee, most are out in the country but some are located in small towns. I can’t help but try to imagine what their story is. What did they look like in their heyday? Who lived there? I like to imagine a happy past filled with joyous moments. This is why I prefer to shoot those buildings and houses in black and white. Those photographs are like a window on their past. The monochrome seems to fit the bareness their current state of disrepair. One could say I find them hauntingly beautiful.

Dyer Gin Co Dyer TN 08/25/19
Columbia TN 03/10/2019
Guthrie KY 01/12/2019
Monterey TN 03/30/19
Jonesville VA 03/30/19
Elizabethton TN 03/31/19


  1. Ruth says:

    Have you ever photographed a nice pile of snowflakes I would love to see that. That would be wonderful


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